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Virtual Vacay - A Foggy Day in London Town

"A foggy day in London Town Had me low and had me down I viewed the morning with such alarm The old British Museum had lost its charm

How long, I wondered, could this thing last? But the age of miracles hadn't passed For, suddenly, I saw you there And in a foggy London Town The sun was shining everywhere"

George and Ira Gershwin

Image from The Londonist

#VirtualVacation London 1.2

Our first stop today is for breakfast at The Aviary

Den chose this restaurant and it looks beautiful and the view is fabulous. If you happen to follow the link and explore, you'll find their other menus. The most British thing that I have read yet is the footnote on their main menu that states "Caution, all feathered game dishes may contain shot".

On to Victoria and Albert Museum

I've so looked forward to visiting here. Beauty and inspiration everywhere. You simply don't know where to look first. So, to narrow it down, here are two exhibits where we will get lost for hours. (Yes - we are those people - with the guided tour headsets that read every placard. BTW, here's the skinny on how to create some for objects in your house or classroom).

The Story of Theatre (for Den)

Art Deco (for Mel)

How about something interactive? Design an 18th century wig online!

After the museum, it's time to stroll the neighborhood. Here's @JoolzGuides again.

Certainly want to check out the Albert Memorial and take a relaxing stroll though Hyde Park. Snacking is definitely in order.

Time to get ready for the evening. Some pre-theatre dining at Hankies Marble Arch

London Theatre Streaming

Y'all - one of the things that really spurred this idea of virtual travel was all of the streaming theatre that is available. Some things are very limited and you have to make time to view it immediately. Earlier in April I watched "Flowers for Mrs. Harris" which is no longer available to view. It was stunning and so moving. I highly encourage you to listen to the soundtrack.

As of this posting "Eugenius" is available and what a ride! The style of music is such a touchstone to this child of the '80's. It is charming and kitchy (think Xandu and Comicon have a baby). Grab some popcorn and just escape to the theatre.

"Eugenius! is a new British musical about a teenage boy who dreams of being a superhero, with a book, music and lyrics by Ben Adams and Chris Wilkins. The Stage’s joint lead critic Tim Bano praised its “fantastic soundtrack drawing on 1980s nostalgia”.

The Stage

Originally played at The Other Palace, London (@TheOtherPalace)

We've covered 13 miles more or less today, via the Tube, a taxi and on foot.

Well done.

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