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Virtural Vacay - London Pride - a song by Noel Coward

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

"There's a little city flower,

Ever spring unveiling,

Growing in the crevices,

By some London railing.

Though it has a Latin name

In town and countryside,

We in England call it

London Pride."

Touchdown at Heathrow was 7 am (1 am CST). Uneventful flight so we were able to sleep several hours. On advice from sister, opting for a London Black Taxi Airport Service to our hotel was the smartest thing to do for us. Neither of us wants to schlep luggage on a bus or a train, especially when we have no experience as to how most anything really works. Worth the money.

Dennis chose our hotel. The Bloomsbury £234.00 per night. ($288.00). This place is beautiful and so art deco (one of my love languages - Fun Fact; the first time he took me into Radio City Music Hall, I burst into tears). Just dreamy.

I have to be honest with you. I am not a good traveler. The journey is not my favorite part. All of the hundreds of tiny details you have to attend to just to get out the door causes me stress. And stress makes an injured neck and shoulder hurt and so by the time we get to wherever we are going, I’m done. So - we plan for that. Our first day is always going to be low key. (This is also one reason that I am enjoying this virtual trip SO much - the whole process has been much more relaxing, lol. I know it isn't the same, but it is still exploring).

Early check in allows us to relax in our room.

A quick call down and we have tea and scones to tide us over until a late lunch. (Here's the recipe - Den says it is a little persnickety - tastes amazing! Got to get out the wedding tea set, too - told you I love art deco.)

Ice pack on my shoulder and a quick nap lets us head out the door refreshed for the afternoon.

On schedule - lunch, The Coral Room at the hotel

I'm all about the burger and Den loves salmon - we just happened to find a reviewer @OnIn_London that had the same things! (And they cook the burger well done - just like I LIKE it!)

It's a beautiful afternoon in the mid 70's today (cool upper 50's at night). As Dennis calls it "room service weather". Time for a stroll around the neighborhood - love this guy. Would totally hire him as a personal guide. @JoolzGuides

Let’s let the resident Theatre historian talk about Pollock's ... Take it away, Dr. D.

"Holding Up the Que" podcast

Going to call it an early night. Thanks for playing along.

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The Coral Room

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