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Summer plans during a #lockdown

In four days Dennis and I are going on vacation. We have talked about this trip for almost 30 years, but something has always gotten in the way. Time, health, money - we always put it off. Sure, we might get excited and start to dream a bit and then one look at airfare and we could never pull the trigger.

And then the pandemic hit. And we finally had the time to really think about this trip. Several days in London. Paris. The beaches of Normandy. Walking in the footsteps of Eleanor of Aquitaine. You get the picture - it truly is a dream trip. If the past 77 days have taught us anything, where there is a will, there is a way. So we are going to do it.


We’ve been working on it for several weeks now. I always say that planning is about 85% of the fun. We’ve spent mornings with our coffee and tea asking questions, learning how to navigate, choosing hotels, restaurants, places to see - all with the idea of experiencing it with some, shall we say "augmented reality". There are rules - this isn’t a throw money out the window kind of thing - we did consider budget. But after three decades together, we know how we like to travel and we aren’t going to rough it. And we have some very specific goals with this trip. It is going to be history focused with lots of “off the beaten path” experiences.

We are going to write about it. Share our thoughts (and links). How "successful" our experience was in light of the current circumstances. We think our perspective is nuanced and distinctive. And we also think you have to be an active participant in being HAPPY! We know it has been a great distraction for us and it might be for you. You are welcome to follow along, offer advice on something we might want to see, or even meet us for drinks if you happen to be in the Zoom neighborhood. We always love traveling with friends, even if it has to be online. And you KNOW there will be unexpected tangents and purse prizes and wild laughter and pixie dust. That's just how we roll.

Let's just say that we'd love for this to be a blueprint for the future.

We will post our itinerary tomorrow. Take off is May 29th.

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