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Virtual Dream Trip - Travel Day*

[This is what happens when an Information Scientist and a Theatre Professor revamp their dream vacation plans during a pandemic]

*As the title indicates - this is an exercise in creative imagination based on a trip that we have wanted to take for several decades. During this time of self isolation, we have had great fun in planning this virtual trip. Now we see how satisfying (or maybe not) it is to experience these things from our home.

BUSY DAY. So many things to think about.

Have I mentioned that neither Dennis nor I have ever traveled internationally. Lots to learn. I have a neck and shoulder injury that makes sitting in a cramped space for any length of time a precursor to painful muscle spasms. Direct flight from DFW to Heathrow in Premium Economy seats on British Airways seems the best way to go. I think you will see that comfort and ease will be a theme on this trip.

Luckily my sister is a seasoned traveler, particularly to London. We can get a great deal of excellent advice and borrow all the necessary electrical converters. Which is necessary even on the plane. Den has to sleep with a CPAP machine. We have traveled with it many, many times, but never on an overnight plane trip. BA says they have outlets at each seat, but to bring a dry cell battery in case the machine pulls too much current. Hmm… That makes me a bit nervous. Deviated septum, stroke survivor. An inoperable CPAP is NOT an option. To quote a good friend "it'll probably be fine."

Will be ready to settle in for a nice dinner,

(we checked out meals on BA website and managed a pretty similar recreation. Den's homemade Tabbouleh and herb encrusted pork tenderloin, English peas with mushrooms and pearl onions, butternut squash with nutmeg, and chocolate cheesecake with blueberries and hot tea.)

some in flight entertainment (this is currently on BA's list - excited to watch!)

and a decent nights sleep.

Next stop LONDON. Cheers!

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